Rudyard Whyte, Esq.


Rudyard Whyte is a partner at the Cochran Firm. He specializes in personal injury and immigration law at the firm.  A graduate of Brooklyn College and Georgetown Law School, Mr. Whyte has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, specializing in litigation in the personal injury and medical malpractice arena.  Giving back to the community is a mantra of Mr. Whyte who is a member of the board of The Midnight Run, an organization that serves the homeless and poor of NYC.  He can be seen at various times serving in soup kitchens in Manhattan. He is also General Counsel for Highbridge Advisory Council Family Services, Inc., a non-profit organization that educates pre-kindergarten children in the South Bronx.   A regular guest on 93.5 FM, Mr. Whyte provides the public and more specifically, the Caribbean community with legal advice on a wide range of topics.  His dedication to FACES NY is borne out of his past friendships /relationships with his many friends and acquaintances that have been touched by the AIDS crisis.

Carole Doneghy


Carole Doneghy is a retired Social Worker.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Indiana University and a Masters in Social Work from NYU. She has lived in Harlem for over 55 years and has been actively involved with early childhood education in her community. For the past 35 years she has been the Chairperson of a large Daycare Center in Harlem. Her reason for serving on the FACES NY Board of Directors stemmed from her experience working at Harlem Hospital where she first saw a person with AIDS. He was a substance user and immediately she saw the connection between AIDS and drug use. Ms. Doneghy realized then, the overwhelming effects AIDS would have on the Harlem community and that something needed to be done. With that sense of purpose, she became a founding member of FACES NY and continues to serve because the fight against HIV/AIDS continues.

Barrie Adedeji


Barrie Adedeji is a Certified Public Accountant in private practice and holds a Masters degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management from The School for International Training in Vermont. She lives in Harlem and has established herself as someone who is concerned about the welfare of people of the African Diaspora. She is the Financial Controller/Treasurer of AORTIC in New York, an organization formed by expatriate African cancer care workers, scientists and their friends, which is dedicated to the promotion of cancer control in Africa. She travels extensively to Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and was part of a team that convened a conference in Accra, Ghana in 2003 that focused on cancer care and early detection. As the Executive Director of ENHICA International, Inc. a research and advocacy based foundation, she has developed and organized workshops and seminars that address health and environmental issues in Africa and the Caribbean. Ms. Adedeji also finds time to be a mentor/advisor to professional women's groups in the international community and is an active member of Riverside Church. She joined FACES NY in 1989 and continues to serve because she sees the social issues that impact HIV/AIDS in Harlem as part of a global issue that still needs to be addressed.

Naomi Griffin

Board Member since 1987, Naomi Griffin retired from Harlem Hospital in 2012 where she was the Director of Special Projects & Outreach. She now owns ACTS III Bagels located at 236 West 135th Street, in Harlem. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Adelphi University and later pursued a Masters Degree in Public Health from New York Medical College.  Although not a native of Harlem, she has resided in Harlem for over 40 years and has immersed herself in the life of the community.  Ms. Griffin sits on several other boards: Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center, Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority and Renaissance health Care Network Community  Advisory Board.  Ms. Griffin joined FACES NY because with the onset of the AIDS crisis in the early 1980’s, she saw the need for action and answered the call.  She continues to serve out of concern for the devastating effects HIV/AIDS has had on her community.

Vanya Quinones-Jenab

Professor Vanya Quinones -Jenab, has a PhD in Neurobiology and Physiology and is the Associate
Provost for Student Success and Retention at Hunter College. She is also the Acting Director of the RISE
program and Co-Director of BP-ENDURE; two programs at Hunter College that are designed to
encourage, prepare and support students from diverse backgrounds, especially students from
underrepresented groups to pursue and successfully complete Ph.D. programs in the biomedical field.
She sits on various review Boards in neuroscience and pharmacology for the National Institute of Health
while carrying a full teaching load but she still finds time in her busy schedule to mentor PhD and under-
graduate students in the bio-medical field to help them realize their fullest potential in the field. Ms.
Quinones-Jenab has been a member of the Board of Directors of FACES NY since 2016. She is excited to
be a member because she feels that through FACES she can make a difference in the lives of individuals
impacted by poverty and low expectations.

Pereta Rodriguez

Pereta Rodriguez, DSW, LMSW brings to the Board of Directors her passion for human services and for
grooming the next generation of social workers to act as leaders and agents of change in service to the
community. Ms. Rodriguez’ career includes academia, as a Professor and Field Instructor for Social
Work students at CUNY and Fordham University; extensive senior level government and non-profit
experience; as well as a clinician providing psychotherapy for homeless families and veterans. She is a
licensed Social worker and received a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University and a Doctor of
Social Work from Columbia University. Although retired, her zeal has not waned and she continues to
remain actively involved in the communities of Harlem and Upper Manhattan.

Anike Elegbe

Anike Elegbe brings cross-functional experiences to FACES NY, Inc., from more than a decade
of experience in the private sector healthcare industry. She most recently achieved a Master’s
Degree in Public Administration, because she has a passion to better understand the public
landscape and its needs. What drives her is coming up with solutions and collaborative
strategies that can make an impact to help all mankind. Ms. Elegbe has been a member of the
Board of Directors since 2016. She sees her involvement as a way to assist non-profits in
developing innovative business and health care strategies making them more viable as
alternative providers of healthcare to the most vulnerable in our society.

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